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1080ti clocks ??

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by digitaldreams, May 23, 2020.

  1. digitaldreams


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    Converting videos and notice my asus rog strix 1080ti reaching 1923.5 Mhz according to both GPU-Z and MSI Afterburner/stats server.

    Then I look up 1080ti specs and see a right mix of boost clock speeds 1582-1708 Mhz ???. The quoted base clocks seem way high (around 1569) as I notice mine around the 139 Mhz when idle ?

    What am I missing here ?
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  2. FlyingFish

    Wise Guy

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    Sounds about right to me. Nvidia gpu's overclock/boost themselves while taking into account driver settings, temp and power. Some of this stuff you can tweak in programs like Afterburner or EVGA Precision.
    My 1080Ti runs with a mild overclock, which boosts the card to 2025 while at 100% load, as long as temps dont go over 50C. Which they dont as its fitted with a Hybrid cooler (EVGA).

    So in a nutshell, its fine unless you want it to do something different for whatever reason :)

  3. digitaldreams


    Joined: Jul 5, 2007

    Posts: 334

    Thanks Mick, I'm not overclocking btw, just using afterburner to view clocks and temps in-game.
  4. Radox-0


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    Yeah, even without an overclock applied most 1080Ti's (well pascal, turing and even prior gens) will boost well past box specs. This is nvidia's boost technology at play. When there is thermal and voltage headroom, the card will dynamically boost the clock speed for more performance. As the card gets hotter it will automatically taper off the boost. Those models which come with very good coolers like the strix or when under water will easily go past rated box speeds which are usually conservative

    Nice writeup here if you feel inclined to dive deeper into the tech: https://www.anandtech.com/show/10325/the-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-and-1070-founders-edition-review/15