10900k dark rock vs nh d15 vs AIO

28 Nov 2007
I underestimated the heat generated by the 10900k. I now have a dark rock 4 with 2 fans on it and 4x140mm case fans. I also took out a wd black mechanical hard drive as it seemed to be quite hot.

With a headset on I can hear the 140mm fans under load. I'm not particularly fond of this tbh. Temps have fallen overall though after adding these fans and removing the hard drive.

I had a Corsair AIO cpu cooler before but the pump didn't work and it put me off them in a big way. So I'm scared of AIO coolers now but the artic freezer 2 does look good. They do route the heat away pretty well.

Has anyone been in a similar pickle and took the plunge on a better cooler, maybe an AIO and was it worth it in the end for you?

Like would I see a decent difference between the dark rock and something like the nh d15?

This is one of those kinda depressing/not fun at all upgrades and I kinda hate the thought of doing it lol.

Something just tells me that an AIO for this particular cpu would be good.
9 Mar 2015
What temps do you get when you knock down the fan speeds? I would have thought at even reasonable levels the Bequiet would have no issues. You would not see a big difference between the BeQuiet and NH-DH 15, a handful of degrees to point if thermals are an issue The NH-DH 15 will not do much.

The AIO's would likely shave the temp down a reasonable amount still, but would once again weigh up if its worth it. i.e what temps are you getting now with fans cranked up to the point its audible vs turning them down slightly.
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