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19" monitor for Image editing & DVD quality play...which one to go for

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by hoctagon, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Baddass


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    sounds very much like it could be the graphics card, especially seeing as you've tested the 1905FP on another machine. DVI and a new card would be nice :)
  2. champ222


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    Formac gallery xtreme-3 1900 8ms grey - grey!!!

    THE cheapest 19" MVA TFT (if you know where to go) £240 delivered. Compare that to a Viewsonic VP930!

    ive got one, and its fantastic!!

    **Review coming soon**
  3. DaveJ


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    Dell 1905FP problem resolved

    Update: the problem I was having with bleached-out highlights and minty pale greys on my Dell 1905FP was solved by switching from my MSI mobo's onboard S3 Unichrome VGA to an nvidia FX5200 on DVI. The FX5200 on analogue input shows the problem a bit, but not as badly as the Unichrome. The FX5200 on DVI gets rid of the problem completely. The DVI image is perhaps a tiny bit clearer, but the main difference is in tonal range on highlights and neutrality of pale greys.

    I'm guessing that my Dell's analogue input is a rogue sample, difficult to drive or plain faulty. I haven't seen other reports of the minty pale grey problem with the 1905FP but there's been the odd report of washed-out colours, so anyone experiencing this with the analogue input might want to try DVI. Hope this helps someone and thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread. I think we're all happy punters now!

  4. Baddass


    Joined: Jan 12, 2003

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    excellent to hear. Thanks for letting us know :)