1905fp looks like burn in!

6 Jul 2005
OK, before I get shot down in flames, I know you can't burn a tft (or at least I think you can't) but my screen which is an 18 month old auo version has developed a couple of smudged shadowy vertical lines, more visible on a plain midtone background or on video playback. I recently went away so shut the monitor down for a few days and have tried other suggested remedies for image persistence but if anything the lines are getting more intrusive (but that could just be paranoia). I'm now thinking along the lines of dust on the backlight and wonder if anyone here has a possible solution that won't break the warranty?
(I would post a pic but I am "technologically challenged", at least I think thats the correct term, feel free to substitute your own.)
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12 Jan 2003
fobose said:
the '07's have a better looking bezel/stand and probabilly a better panel too.

sadly not a better panel since the 1905FP was either an 8ms AUO P-MVA or 20ms Samsung PVA panel, but the 1907FP is now an 8ms tN Film panel. Obviously depends what you need it for, but i'd consider the move to TN Film and downgrade really
26 Jul 2005
what i do on my xerox, is i create 7 small pictures, off each main colour., 000000 ff0000 00ff00 0000ff ffff00 00ffff ffffff.

then i put them in their own folder, and then just set my screensaver to a picture slideshow and point to this folder, and have each one appear for say 15 seconds.

and set the screensaver activation timer to about 2 minutes, and never let the monitor turn off.

then i just leave that for a few hours lol.
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