2 Dimms - Working. 4 Dimms - Not Working.

29 Oct 2019
Hoping someone could kindly assist with any experience or knowledge that might help me.

I have been running my PC with 2 sticks of 8Gb Ram and purchased 2 more.

I can't get my system to boot for love nor money with 4 dimms.

I have a 10700k
Nzxt cooler
Msi Z490 Tomahawk Motherboard
750 Corsair Gold PSU
The Ram is 8-Pac Team Group Edition 16Gb (2x8gb) 3600Mhz (I have two packs)s

With two sticks I can get cl16 4000mhz with tight sub timings. It works great.

I add two additional sticks and cannot boot at stock settings. I get the CPU error light and nothing else on the Mother board.

I have tried re seating the CPU to ensure the sticks are in firmly.
I have tried re-setting the CMOS.
I have tried a number of times and have never managed to get 4 dimms to boot but always end up with 2 dimms booting.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
9 Oct 2013
Main differences for my setup going to 4 sticks from 2 is

4sticks----------------------2 sticks

tRDWR / tWRRD 9 / 3. --------- 8 / 1

ProcODT. 34. or 36 -------- 32
RTTNom. RZQ/7. -------- Disabled
RTTWr. RZQ/3. ------------ Off
RTTPark. RZQ/1. -------- RZQ/5

ClkDrvStr 24. ----------- 30
AddrCmdDrvStr 20. -----20
CsOdtDrvStr. 24. ------- 20
CkeSetup. 24. ------- -- 20

GDM enabled. CR 1T or. GDM disabled CR 2T
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4 Jun 2020
Have you tried each stick and each slot separately to make sure its not a single one of either at fault?

In general 4 sticks dont overclock well at all and is very ill advised for trying to push past even 3200.

If you get 4000 Mhz with 2 sticks, you are very unlikely to get the same result with 4 sticks.

Honestly for ram overclocking, the best advice is to ditch / sell the whole lot and get a 2 dimm slot daisy chain board and 2x16 Gb modules. Thats not to say its even worth doing so, but you should keep this in mind for future upgrades.

2 slots only (must be daisy chain) and 2 sticks will always overclock better than even a 4 slot board with only 2 sticks. 4 sticks are incredibly hard to do anything with.

Anyone or anywhere that advises using 4 sticks of ram on dual channel boards is always wrong / bad advice, plus you can get 2x32 Gb modules now which will likewise always be better than 4x16 Gb.
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