£2000 for a new system but because of supply might have to go prebuilt..

12 Mar 2013
like i said in the title. Thing is this will be my first new system for 7 years so when i use my budget i need to be able to geta system that will ast a good few years . Ive looked at some prebuilts that after a few tweaks just come in budget its just i have or am looking at swapping some items to alternatives but im not sure if im making the system better , worse or just changing them for the sake of it.
eg.....mother board offered msi 570 pro ....i changed for a msi pro carbon or something..
changed ram from 3200 hz to 3600 hz.
cpu i choose ryzen 7 5800....gpu 3070...
i will be gaming at 1440 with no intention of going 4k
any advice would be great
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