2005 Chinese Grand Prix



18 Oct 2002
JBeck said:
Oh god are you still going on about this? When will you ever get it into your head that pure SPEED does not make the best team or driver. I guess tactics, reliability, consistency, teamwork, pitwork, car setup, engineering and looking after the car on the track (yes hello Kimi) means nothing. Being best means nothing if you can't get your motor to the end of the race, because then you're not the best are you.

So yes another season over, thanks to Simon/Flibster for the great reports. But (no offence), the constant Ferarri/Schumacher bashing is rather unnecessary and tedious :)

Damn, two points that someone actually agrees with me ;).

On your 2nd point (Ferrari/Schumacher bashing), its going to happen on this forum unfortunately due to country/driver loyalty. Sports forum is the same in this regard. He's German, most peeps on this forum are English, he had a tussle with a Mr D Hill (English) then with some drivers in British cars etc etc. ITV's commentary team and coverage are no different in their bias (do we really need to talk to Jensons dad at every 2nd race ;) ). It happens in all sports unfortunately, F1 aint unique in this regard.

Flibster said:
May I suggest this link

If I used that for every poster that did the Ferrari/Schumacher bashing there wouldnt be much of a thread left ;).
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18 Oct 2002
Oh no.....Not again. :( :( :(

Spa's GP Future in Doubt

The future of the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps has been thrown into doubt after Luxembourg's government declined to provide financial support.

The 2005 race went ahead with the assistance of a 15 million euro loan from the regional Walloon government, which cannot afford to repeat the gesture.

Meanwhile existing promoters DDGP (Didier Defourney Grand Prix) are unable to raise funds to pay for next year's event.

Hopes that the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg may provide a solution however were dashed on Friday.

"Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker has stated...that the current budgetary situation does not allow Luxembourg's authorities to participate financially in this event," read a statement from the Luxembourg government.

Spa remains the ultimate circuit for Formula 1's drivers and fans and its loss would be a massive blow to the sport.

It is now hoped that Formula 1 promoter Bernie Ecclestone may replace DDGP in an effort to save the race.

The Walloon government is a major shareholder in the Spa-Francorchamps track and will meet on November 8 to decide on the event's future.
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