4870x2 problems again :D

1 Oct 2006
Some of you may have seen my previous posts about poor performance with my 4870x2.

Well I have now installed my new q9550, upgraded from the e2180.

However, Unreal Tournament 3 is all over the place, huge frame rate drops where even my 8800GT didn't drop so sharply, and runs like dog crap even when the frame rate is high (which it really is sometimes).
3D Mark 2006 has improved, I'm up to just under 17k points now which is alot better than before.

Anyway, I have tried overclocking the CPU to try and improve performance more, but I'm having difficulty getting my PC to accept them. For example, sometimes it will load but I will have no display, I can hear all the POST checks going on and then hard drive activity starts where it sounds like it's proceeding to loads windows. Other times, it just gives up completely and powers down momentarily before booting back up with default settings. I'm not even trying taxing overclocks, are these cards really this sensitive to an overclock?

To test it was the card I tried with my 8800GT and found I could successfully boot into Windows at 3.4ghz (~600mhz overclock) using a FSB of 425 and multiplier of 8x.

I also have the niggling suspicion again that maybe my PSU is to blame, does it sound like it might be?

Here's my spec again:
Windows Vista
Intel q9550
Gigabyte P31 DS3L
4GB Kingston HyperX PC8500
Sapphire HD4870X2
X-Power 700W

Any help appreciated.
7 Jun 2009
Virus maybe? I really don't have a clue. Try a format and a fresh install of Vista? I'm really not sure. Maybe it could be your card. I'd wait for someone else to reply first before deciding.
29 Apr 2009
The PSU in your spec has 4 12v rails at a pretty poor 16amp a rail, maybe get a new one with a good 12v single rail, corsair tx series are grreat PSU's.
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