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7800GS problem

26 Jul 2005
Hi all,

I picked up a 7800GS from the B-grade section last night, installed it today (having removed the drivers) and tried to boot up the PC. Everything is fine until I it gets to the Windows loading stage. I see the Windows logo for a second and then the screen goes black followed by a no signal message from the monitor.

I tried disconnecting unneeded optical drives, using only 1 stick of RAM etc - same result. My previous card works fine.

What else should I try before RMAing the card?

System specs are

Abit IS7-E2 mobo
P4 3.2GHz Prescott
2GB Geil dual channel value kit
BFG 6800GS and XFX 7800GS (the new one)
500W PSU
31 Mar 2006
Sydney Australia
So you have full display in POST?
Is it also safe to assume that your old video card still works fine and if so, what was it?
It might be worth putting the old video card in, removing all drivers and starting the video card install again.

Also might be worth going into the BIOS and try resetting to default settings.
26 Jul 2005
It didn't boot into Safe mode.

I read somewhere that it's a driver problem so I installed windows onto a different HDD (been meaning to migrate to my newer drive anyway) and so far so good...booted up, installing stuff.
10 Jan 2004
I know this thread is pretty old but bare with me.

I picked up one of these today and it has the same issue.

It gets to the Windows flag on my main install and then dies but on my secondary install (secondary boot) and a random distro of Linux in LiveCD form it works fine.

I really don't want to reinstall windows again on my main install (it takes forever to get it how I like it). Would anyone reckon that doing a 'repair' might fix it? This way I'd keep all my files intact.

Method of installation of the new card:

- Uninstalled previous drivers
- Used DriverCleaner to clean the rest of the files
- Used CCleaner to remove registry keys
- Installed new card into the system
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