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9800 GT not recognised by system

8 Jul 2005
9800 GT not recognised by system in 16x slot only 4x slot

Just turned on my PC for a cheeky bit of GTA4 before the wife gets home and it booted to a blank screen. Had a bit of a fiddle and it seems that my gfx card is not being detected anymore. The onboard gfx works fine and i can get into bios and windows using that, but when i then have a look in the device manager the 9800 GT card is just not listed anywhere. I've taken the case off and the fan is spinning so i assume its got power. It was working fine the last time i turned it on which was a couple of weeks ago so i am bit unsure as to why its playing up.

The fact that it will not even get into the bios makes me suspicious that something is up with the card.

Just tried it in the 4x slot and that worked so is ut a motherboard issue? Its a Gigabyte GA-Z68XP only bought a few months ago.

Anyone got any ideas what could be the issue, or how to diagnose it?
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