A Benchmark/FPS Thread

24 Aug 2003
I've been thinking about this for a bit, would people appreciate a thread/website where people post what scores they get in certain benchmarks and the respective F.P.S they get in various games at different settings?

I haven't been a huge gamer myself recently, but it struck me as something which might be useful, especially for people thinking about upgrading they're system and want to know what effect it will have on their gaming speeds.

I was thinking of posts along the lines of:

3DMark03: <score>
3DMark05: <score>
3DMark06: <score>

AA: <value> AF: <value>
Resolution: <value>
Texture Detail: <value>
Other overall GFX Detail Level : <value>
(shadows/water effects/smoke etc) ( 0 = very low >>> 10 = extremely high)
Min FPS: <value>
Max FPS: <value>
Avg FPS: <value>

People fill in as much as they can. If they don't know exact FPS settings they could guestimate.

If it proves useful I could turn it into a website of some sort.

Any views / thoughts / improvements?
Would something like this be handy? A possible sticky? - or would it be a big waste of inconvenienced electrons :)
Man of Honour
25 Oct 2002
The problem with this is some fields are a bit subjective. Choosing the detail level from 0-10 would involve a lot of guess work on the part of the submitter.... one man's 4 is another man's 6. There are also cases where not everything is equal in terms of available options - for example some games limit graphics options depending on what hardware is available.

Essentially most people would stick with traditional benchmarks from websites because they give them a range of results using apples-to-apples comparisons. When you do 'wiki-benchmarking', too many external factors like drivers and the general state of the system can come in to play. I appreciate that by getting people to quote 3dmark scores as well you are trying to give a scale to the results (i.e, people who roughly match the 3dmark score should roughly match the benchmark results) but even then 3dmark scores can be misleading in cases where certain tests are unable to run, or indeed the game uses OpenGL rather than D3D.
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