A question of ethics... and baldness

2 Nov 2004
A few years ago I purchased one of these... Hairmax Lasercomb


For about £400-500 and they still retail at that price.


Don't think it did anything for me, but I don't want it in my cupboard anymore. So I'm thinking of sticking it on eBay...

Now, I think it doesn't do what it says on the tin, but apparently the FDA have just approved it to promote hair growth in people who suffer baldness. It still seems to 'work' as well as it ever did.

My three options...

1) Stick it on eBay, pocket the cash

2) Stick it on eBay, give the cash to charity

3) Offer it to someone (whomever, someone on OcUK if they want it) in return for a peppercorn donation to charity...
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