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Abit IP35 Pro C1 error

Discussion in 'Memory' started by slickback, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. slickback


    Joined: Mar 12, 2009

    Posts: 104

    Hi, having put together a pc consisting of:

    Abit IP35 Pro motherboard
    Intel E6400 CPU
    1GB DDR2 2Rx8 PC2-5300U-555-12 240pin
    GF 8400GS PCI-X Graphics
    450 watt PSU

    The PC fails to post, the motherboard has an onboard diagnostic LED readout which shows C1

    having searched the forums it points to faulty ram but the ram works fine in the Dell Vostro 200 that I pulled it out from.

    Can anyone suggest anything?
  2. Diggsy


    Joined: Aug 31, 2007

    Posts: 4,199

    You are the 2nd person to post in the last few days with the C1 error using 5300 RAM. Have you any other to try, 6400 or above?
  3. slickback


    Joined: Mar 12, 2009

    Posts: 104

    I tried Crucial 2GB kit (2x1GB) DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 Ballistix Memory Non-ECC Unbuffered CL4 Lifetime Warranty, it worked with only the 1 stick of ram in the motherboard but as soon as I put the 2nd stick in it would cause the C1 error.

    Having checked crucial's website they say 5300 ram should work in the IP35 Pro motherboard.

    Anyway I have returned the Crucial ram as the single stick also stopped working, I have ordered Corsair 4GB Kit (2x2GB) DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 XMS2 Memory Non-ECC Unbuffered CL5 Lifetime Warranty
  4. Corasik


    Joined: Jan 5, 2003

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    Location: West Midlands

    Abit IP35's are kinda fussy. They will work with most ram, but not at the default 1.8V. What you gotta do is boot up with 1 stick (and as you said even that can be unstable) get into the bios, and quickly set the memory voltage to 1.9v save and reboot.

    After that you can power off the system, fit the rest of the ram, and bob's your uncle. Like magic it works (normally).

    Personally I suspect that the IP35's undervolt the ram slightly, which makes them very problematical with high speed ram. (But as I said, get into bios and up the voltage to 1.9 and it will run 1.8v rated ram at most speeds). You may well need to do this with the Corsair ram, its just a lottery with IP35's to find ram that actually works with multiple sticks at stock 1.8v.
  5. strumpusplunket


    Joined: Feb 5, 2009

    Posts: 3,092

    That same Corsair RAM worked fine in my IP35 Pro without any voltage tweaks needed. I got the C1 error with even 1 stick of OCZ PC2-8500, but sticking 2x2GB sticks of the Corsair in saw it POST straight away with no problems. I'm now running the RAM at 445MHz still on auto voltage.
  6. slickback


    Joined: Mar 12, 2009

    Posts: 104

    Thank you for your advice, will wait for the Corsair to arrive and see what happens.
  7. paradigm


    Joined: Aug 26, 2003

    Posts: 35,024

    Location: Staffordshire

    I had the same issues, had to boot with the one stick, and change the voltage to compensate.

    Annoying, but you get used to it!
  8. slickback


    Joined: Mar 12, 2009

    Posts: 104

    got the Corsair 4GB Kit (2x2GB) DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 XMS2 Memory today, still getting C1 and no post with only a single stick of ram in the IP35 Pro, having bought the IP35 Pro 2nd hand think I might give up and sell it on ebay.

    I tried the ram, cpu and graphics card in my dell vostro 200 tower and they all work fine. The biggest lesson I have learnt is to never buy a 2nd hand motherboard.
  9. sid


    Joined: Feb 9, 2003

    Posts: 5,160

    Location: London

    Did u try the ram in different slots?

    Did you reset the CMOS? and try again?

    Its worth pointing out, you just have to get into the BIOS and increase the RAM voltage, I had the same issue with my OCZ ram.

  10. slickback


    Joined: Mar 12, 2009

    Posts: 104

    • Tried single stick in all slots
    • Reset the CMOS using the switch next to the keyboard connector + Jumper
    • Tried with out the CMOS battery
    • Tried with the motherboard out of the case

    If I try booting up with out any ram in the motherboard it will fail to post with C1 error + onboard speaker will beep.

    If I try booting with a single stick of ram in the motherboard it will fail to post with C1 error but this time the onboard speaker does not beep.


    Joined: Oct 18, 2002

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