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About to buy a used bike...I need ...

Discussion in 'Biker's Cafe' started by Nemeses, May 19, 2018.

  1. InvaderGIR


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    And to give some explanation to that (which is correct anyway)...


    E: He doesn't mean grab a handful of front brake when riding it down the road by the way.
  2. arfoll

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    I don't see how that would tell you if fork seals are shot or not? that might (if you know what a good one feels like) tell you about springs and oil in forks but seals? Sorry don't get it.
  3. arfoll

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    Agreed - that makes sense... not what IC3 is saying... ehehe. Honestly bouncing forks at standstill apart from head bearing (and rebound/softness if you know the bike a bit) I don't see what you can tell at a glance...
  4. tom_e

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    Either way some well placed kitchen roll will hide anything but the most fubar'd seals unless you go popping the dust seals out to check underneath.
  5. Freeman


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    You can tell if they're leaking because it leaves a ring of oil on the stanchion when the forks are compressed.
    Not a huge problem but they take ages to take apart and refill. Horrible job I've done once and always dread doing again lol.
  6. Fireskull


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    As above you'll see a ring of oil or misting on the stanchion, the dust seals just inspect, if they are cracked/split then it wont be long until the seals start going also.
  7. ttaskmaster


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    Somebody said something nice...!!!