Adding a Spectrum Analyzer into code (lua)

19 Oct 2002
South London
Hello all i must admit i don't know anything about coding you could put me in front of a Amiga in Dixons and i wouldn't know how to get my name to scroll on the screen but somehow i've been playing with code for a Joggler skin which is a front end for Picoreplayer used on a Raspberry Pi music player with a 7" screen

Normally a Joggler skin is used with a 7" screen to control player but wanted a client with a HD skin so somehow i manged scale everything up and realign controls (took me two day of poking) thing is the Joggler skin has 5 display styles ie nowplaying, nowplaying_large_art and so on

Thing is one display style is nowplaying_spectrum which give you a Spectrum Analyzer so wondered can it's code be added into nowplaying which i can then resize and move to get a look i'm after, have images and video if it helps

Link to code

Sorry if this is a lot to ask and is a clear as mud but i don't have a clue and just need to know if it can be done before my eyes go wonky looking at code and my blood type turns to AB kenco
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