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27 Aug 2009
Hi Guys,
I am looking for a new laptop as i have recently changed job (offshore) and narrowed down my search to one, but not to sure if its the way to go.

Currently i have a Dell XPS M1330. Its great, but a bit big and bulky for my bag these days. So much so that i dont bother taking it to work.
I have my seriously powerful gaming PC at home, so am not too concerned about being able to play the latest games whilst at work.

So basically looking for a something light / small, to watch films on, office work, email, internet, etc, and the odd strategy game run of Steam whilst at work / travelling through airports / trains.

I had a look into tablets, but dont think they are functional enough for what i want.

The Samsung 300u netbook looks neat, but spec isnt that great.

I think the Lenovo S205 e450 is looking like the way to go, coupled with an external DVD drive, and tethered to my S2 for internet.

Any thoughts?

17 Oct 2002
x121e? Maybe the DM1? The reason I recommend these 2 is that I would consider an i3 core to be minimum spec, having had a zacate laptop I wouldn't go near one again, the sandy bridge i3 core is just soooo much more powerful, with no battery life hit.

I have a x121e and its excellent the i3 can be had for about £360 if you shop around (vouchers and such like), so barely more than the S205, plus its very tough and has a 6cell battery option which makes it a good travel companion.
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25 Jul 2005
You haven't set a budget but I presume from the suggestions you are looking for something cheap?

If not then I would suggest the Air, or the Samsung series 9 (either 13 or 15). Both are significantly lighter and smaller than the M1330 which I upgraded from recently too. However both look way above your budget, but are more comparable to replacing the M1330.
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