30 Sep 2020
Hi Everyone,

I am about to start putting together my PC now that I have all my components and was looking for some advice on where would be best to mount my water cooler.

I have bought a Lian-Li Lancool II Mesh Performance which comes with two front-mounted fans and a third at the top of the back of the case and a be Quite! Pure Loop 280mm water cooler for my CPU. I was originally thinking to mount the water cooler to the top of the case but after looking at a build tutorial have seen that it may be a good idea to mount it at the front and move the fans that are there to somewhere else in the case.

I now have no idea which would be best as this is the first PC I have ever put together so any advice on where it should be mounted and if the fans should be set up as an intake or an exhaust would be really appreciated.


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23 Mar 2011
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The only option for the cooler is at the front and put the 2 fans from the front to the top of the case as exhausts

There is also the option to reverse airflow your case, cooler at the front blowing out the front of the case and the other 3 fans in taking air.
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