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Advice on Teaching English Abroad?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by englishpremier, 11 May 2006.

  1. englishpremier


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    Before i start i did a search as i thought this would be a popular topic but didn't find much. Anyway....

    In my final year of University 2004/2005, I applied to the JET scheme to teach English in Japan. I attened an interview at the embassy etc.. but in the end didn't get a offered a job.

    I am still interested in taking some time out to teach english abroad was wondering what is the best route with regards to qualifications e.g TEFL or something else?

    I may well re-apply to Jet when it opens again in november and so was also wondering if one of these courses would help support my application.

  2. Dr House


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    lots of kids come to prague to teach english. Its not going to make you rich but you will have quite a fun summer. Pays around £6 per hour
  3. mctiny


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    I`ve just started to look into Teaching English in Brasil so if anyone can help me as well It`d be grand.

    Sorry for the semi-hijack of the thread. ;)
  4. yak.h'cir


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    TEFL and JET are the two ways i've heard about doing it before.

    I'd apply to do a TEFL course if i were you. They dont take too long to do and combined with a degree will make it quite easy to get a job pretty much anywhere in the world.
  5. Big Spender

    Wise Guy

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