Advice seeked regarding new LCD TV

26 Jun 2007
Hi Guys,

I've recently decided that I should upgrade my current TV and go for an LCD. My knowledge on the subject extends only to what i have read on the various forums over the last couple of days. The main uses of the TV would be for PS3 gaming, DVD/Blu-Ray watching and for Standard (not HD) TV, primarily football. My viewing distance is roughlt 8-10ft

Originally, i thought i would go for a 'budget' TV, something along the likes of the Toshiba 32C3030 or a Samsung R87. However, after reading around, since the R87 can'r receive a 1080p input, and Toshiba whilst good does have flaws which would be associated with it being a budget TV, i thought i would go for a better quality future-proofing set.

So, i looked around for some 37" sets (as i feel the size of my room doesn not really need more. One's that looked promising included the Toshiba X3030 and Samsung M87. Whilst these sets would do wonders to my HD experience, i'm concerned that that the new 1080p native resolution screens could infact have a negative effect on Standard TV viewing due to the large upscaling that is needed. Is this true? Also there are issues with 24fps mode (is this a big issue?), and whether i should look for a screen that can do 100hz such as the Samsung M86 (though this does not have 1080p resolution).

I apologise for the waffle, and all in all, i'm basically looking for a TV that is 'future-proofed' and can make the most out of my HD content, but will not have a negative impace on standard TV viewing (as we are still a way off from all TV being HD).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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