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All those wanting a bandwidth controller!

Discussion in 'NIC Archive' started by Deathwish, 29 Mar 2003.

  1. NathanE


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    Colin: read the website, WAN support isn't there yet - only Ethernet (ie, LAN). Basically if it doesn't work it's because you're trying to make it bind to a DUN/WAN or whatever adapter, and it doesn't have the code for that yet.

    Looking on their website's enhancements section suggests it won't be long before this is implemented!
  2. Nozzer


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    You don't run *nix servers do you? :p

    I keep meaning to have a play with OBSD's load balancing now it's 'built in', having got QoS working on Linux, I just can't find a spare machine to install it on.

    Nice solution, but a Windows router? Come on... ;)
  3. BassPunk

    Wise Guy

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    i tried it on my lan on a server/gateway with other pc's using ics and i couldnt get it working, i didnt think this was wan :confused:


    was limiting broadband not lan :o

    great product :D
    Last edited: 8 Apr 2003