Amazing black Friday digital deals you've spotted

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6 Sep 2005
I know we have several black Friday deal threads already but I thought it might be a good idea to put any random or obscure digital deals you've spotted into one thread, especially as they seem to be running for more than one day.

Digital deals meaning not buying a physical product but buying a service etc.

So to set the ball rolling...

Cloud storage

Crash Plan have silly prices for their home backup services, unlimited storage space for very low dollars - yep even cheaper for us!

Beware - the prices are increasing every two hours!

I'll update this post as I find anything else!

Digital Magazine Subscription

iSubscribe - extra 10% off this weekend - not brilliant but Topcashback are doing a 12.62% cashback so hopefully they will stick...end tomorrow (I presume Sunday based as I'm posting this very early Saturday AM).

PC Gaming

Green Man Gaming has some silly sale prices on.

As does Steam
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