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10 Aug 2005

I have recently bought this game for my nice pink DS. This may sound like a stupid Q but I am wondering if you always have to stay in the town you start in. From what I understand you can visit friends towns using the wifi connection, but can you leave to go to another town just in the normal game. At the moment I am having trouble with the Wifi as I keep getting various error msgs and consequently have not been able to use this feature yet? Also if anyone has any tips for fishing as I am having real trouble. In the main thread it was siad to listen for the sound of the fish taking the bait. Ive tried turning my sound up and pulling my rod out the min I here this but I am still failing. Despite lots of trying Ive caught one fish in about 3 days :( I must be very bad, but if anyone can give me anymore advise on this id be most grateful.

What a great game though! Ive just got my second house and paid off my first mortgage, how exciting :p I just need to sort out my wifi so I can visit friends!
18 Oct 2002
Lake District
As far as i know you cant visit other AI villages in game, the only village is your own in single player, you can send bottles out though and I think they go somewhere :confused:

Your wireless problems may be due to your router operating with WEP (supported) or WPA (not supported) or being it's in mixed mode b/g (try setting it to b only).

As for fishing, just lots of practice, you'll notice the fish nibble the bait a few times, you'll gradually learn what the average number of nibbles is before you pull your rod out.

I've caught quite a few sea bass, but they're big and therefore hard to catch, the smaller fish are a lot easier to catch but not worth as much.
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6 Jan 2003
I find it much easier to use the A button to catch the fish rather than using the stylus, works every time for me :). You've got to be quick though; as soon as you hear the "plonk", hit the A button!
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