another hiper psu problem

6 Feb 2007
hello all

just built new pc specs as follows

gigabyte 965-ds3
2 gb geil ram
8800gts graphics card
creative xfi fatality pro
hiper 580w type r modular psu

all in an armour jr case and running vista home 32bit

anyway all running ok for 4 days when all power goes of to pc only
try to restart nothing
try again....nothing
leave for a while (could be 10min, could be 1hr)
try again it works.
runs for a while then does the same again( no set time on how long it runs for before it switches of again)

anyway am running now on an ancient 500w psu from old machine and it runs fine,,,is this a common hiper psu failure.
all replys appreciated

worst is total strip down to get psu out of case :confused:
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