Another spec me a watercooler thread!

21 Sep 2006
i know, i know :cool:

first of all, hiya all there :D

The Story

I've decided to invest in a water cooling setup (<- state the obvious!) because the the size of my graphics card means i cannot fit a intake fan in my sonata which means my case gets toasty as you can imagine which means my cpu fan and outake fan is constantly at full RPM which equates to a bit of noise, not much but some people *cough* will do anything for a moan :D and the fact that winter is coming and my PC sits right next to the heater is just gonna make it worse so i thought it was time to invest.

My Requirements

Basically it is worth stating i know zip about watercooling as i've never had a need for it, what i require is something as quiet as possible im not going to really go mental on the overclocks basically ill be going for a fairly average o/c at about 2.8-3 ghz and the gfx card will be ran at stock or again a small o/c if any at all. The computer is mainly used as a media center but its not uncommon for me to go on a gaming session of 5 hours+ if a decent game comes out :D. Does performance deteriote the longer the system is left on? Basically my budget can span upto £250 and i would prefer to go for a complete kit as again i know nout about watercooling

The Choices

From looking at previous threads i can see the new Zalman rates fairly highly and im more inclined to go for Zalman as i know the brand, this is the setup im most inclined to go for at the moment even though the common consensus is that its expensive but saying that i wouldnt know any better - so basically i ask is this kit -looking past the price- the best kit out at the moment for that bracket? Also the Reservator 1 v2 what is the difference from the PLUS and the v2 if any and has anyone tested it? As im not intending to go for groundbreaking overclocks would it be wiser for me just the buy the res v1 or even a completely different kit whatsoever.

Thanks in advance
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2 Dec 2005
Swiftech Apex kit.

Went for it myself. Perfect for a newbie to watercooling (as I was then). Might want to get a waterblock for the graphics card. Also, from experience I would get two Papst or Yate Loon fans and undervolt them for quietness.
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