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Another spec me...

10 Jun 2011
Hi guys,

I just want an educated answer, so I've come here (rightly or wrongly :rolleyes:)

I've read pretty much all the benchmarks I can take and its obvious which gpu/cpu is better. But in terms of combo, considering I'll be running mainly at 1080p/60mhz, but have a 4k TV I'll be going to once in a while, which is better for long term...

I5 6600k and 1080 gtx


I7 6700k and 1070 gtx

Want to keep cost down, explains my dilemma.

Thanks chaps
28 May 2007
I would go with the I7 6700k gtx1070 only because in the long run the I7 should last longer than the I5.

At this point in time you will get more performance from the I5 and gtx1080.

Buying an I7 was a good decision for me as the I5 variant would have needed changing a year or 2 back. The extra threads in my I7 have kept it going nicely and it still powers my 290 no problem.

So it's a case of whether you want more power now or have to change your cpu sooner down the line.
18 Feb 2015
My initial impulse was to disagree with TheRealDeal but I think that if you take depreciation into account then the i7/1070 will be a better deal in the long run. CPUs don't really lose value as fast as GPUs do, in fact - especially for i7s - they hold value quite well and it has only been improving on that front. Nor is there anything on the horizon that looks to really change that in any significant way for gaming.

Generally 1070 sli is only sometimes better than a 1080 but not too much so and for the most part 1080 = 1070 sli but without the headaches. So why SLI? Because inevitably prices will drop next year and you'll be able to get another £200-250 1070. Or upgrade to Vega/Volta for much less than its initial cost (because you can sell the 1070), because the 1070 will lose less value than the 1080 and will be easier to flip anyway.

Really, the best price/performance is to buy the 1070 equivalent each gen while selling your old card just before. Or going for the 1080 equivalent second-hand which will now be much cheaper, like what happened with the 980 ti.

Right now, with 980tis still hanging around for £200-250 second-hand & with warranty left, it's hard to really justify a 1070 from price/perf.