Another stupid question....

27 Aug 2009
Hi all,
Firstly apologies if this question is really stupid. I have built and overclocked a Phenom II 550 system with the following components

I have it running at 3.7 Ghz and all is ok (apart from this problem)

My question related to the bios memory settings that the bundles was shipped with. In my bios the settings are 1066mz and timming of around the 10 mark.
But if i up it to 1600mz and lower the timings to the bios SPD settings (the 7mark) the performance is about a third better when doing a memery benchmark.
So why is it shipped with those poorer performing settings.
Or is my tinkering with the memory likely to be causing me to have the problems as outlined in the link above?? (bios settings not coming through to CPUZ)

Grateful for any help. Im new to overclocking and getting the hang of it but the memory part baffles me a bit!

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