Antec's Cool & Quiet Flagship Case - Down to only £112.99 inc VAT.

Antec Rep
8 Sep 2003
150 yds from OcUK
The Antec P183 is now down to only £112.99 offering the best in thermal cooling and silent at the same time. With the pre-fitted noise dampened chambers this chassis is sure to please all. :D

Antec P183 Super Midi Tower Case - Gun Metal Black @ £112.99 inc VAT


Building from a proven design, Antec introduces the P183, the next chapter in our Performance One Series enclosures. Dual chambers isolate the power supply and CPU into separate cooling zones, with up to five configurable fans for unsurpassed cooling. Three-layer, sound-deadening panels dampen noise even in the most demanding systems, ensuring quiet operation. The original P180 was a breakthrough in case design, and now the P183 carries on the tradition, ushering in the latest standards for cooling and quiet.

- 11 Drive Bays
- External 4 x 5.25”; 1 x 3.5”
- Internal 6 x 3.5” for HDD
- 7 Expansion Slots
- Supports the unique Antec CP-850 & CP-1000 PSU's
- Cooling System:
- 1 rear (standard) 120mm x 25mm TriCool Fan
- 1 top (standard) 120mm x 25mm TriCool fan
- 1 lower chamber (optional) 120mm x 25mm
- 1 front (optional) 120mm fan
- 1 middle (optional) 120mm fan
- Divided upper and lower chamber structure: the power supply resides in a separate chamber with dedicated cooling from a 120mm fan to isolate heat from the system and lower system noise
- Innovative three-layer side panel and front door (aluminium, plastic, aluminium) dampens system generated noise, making this one of the quietest cases available
- Double-hinged door designed to open up to 270º for easier system integration
- 0.8mm cold rolled steel throughout the majority of the chassis to enhance durability

Was £129.99 Inc. VAT

Only £112.99 inc VAT.