Any Magic Online players out there?

11 Jun 2008
Stuck on the A406
I used to play the card game when I was younger, and a recent foray into Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 (fantastic port of the game to PC) has sort of got me interested in this game again.

I love the artwork on the cards, and the process of deckbuilding. Unfortunately none of the friends I used to play with live near me (we have scattered around) so Im in two minds as to whether to get back in to it, as I would have no one to play against.

So that leads me Im to the full "Magic Online" game, but even the new soon to be released beta client looks complete cack compared to duels 2013.

I do like the concept of being able to redeem your virtual cards for real cards (with a lot of restrictions though it seems).

Anyone play it? Would you recommend the transition from duels to the "full" game?
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