Anyone had any luck fixing a ps2?

25 Jul 2005
Mine decided to start playing up last night and before I go a look for a cheap one in town I just wondered if anyone had ever had the same problem and managed to fix it.
It was working fine, playing ffx, then all of a sudden it just reset itself. The game started loading up again, got to the ps2 logo and reset itself again.
It continued to do this anything between 1 second to a few minutes after being turned on. I left it overnight as I thought it might be overheating but it still happened almost immediately.
I think maybe the vibration from the dvd drive is causing a dodgy connection around the button, but tbh I havent got a clue :(
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15 Jan 2006
Tosche Station
I wouldn't even think about the possibility of fixing anything PS2 wise. There are about 6 sections all held together with wires, but on very thin paper. You have to hold all the sections at a certain distance otherwise the paper will rip. You can't do this for long as it's the most awkward thing ever. When I took mine apart I managed to have 4 screws left over when I put it back together :p Good luck if you do decide to go ahead.
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