Anyone have an office chair recomendation (sub £500)

26 Apr 2012
I was just about to hit buy on a Chinese ergo chair from Amazon for about 130 quid but after reading a few threads on here Sunday morning I looked on Facebook marketplace and found a Herman Miller Mirra for 150 quid about an hours drive away. Third day sitting in it and am quite impressed, Monday evening I had a little back ache but I think that is due to me not sitting properly for so long.

Would still like to try out some of the models mentioned above such as the Sihoos and Ticova as they do seem to offer a lot for the money.

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27 Jun 2006
I bought a used Herman Miller Aeron online about 10 years ago and it was one of the best things I've purchased. I've admittedly had to replace a few parts for it over the years but I went from buying cheap office chairs on an almost yearly basis, to spending about £150 in one hit and it being a lot more a lot more durable as well as comfortable.
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