Anyone who's completed Mini Ninjas, question?

22 Jun 2004
Bangkok, Thailand (formally London)
Howdy All,

For anyone who's completed Mini Ninjas, I have a quick question, I recently finished the game (loved every minute) and after completing I notice you can replay all the levels with all your level ups/items/money etc etc which is cool.

Well I'd like to play the game from start to finish again with all my level ups, but I can't seem to see how to do this? What I mean is, if I save half way through level 1 for example, I can't turn off and come back to that save point. The only option I have is to replay the level from start again.

Is there a way to play the game through again with saving your progress but with all your items? Or will I have to play a level to the end, then upon coming back to the game select the next level to replay? Seems a bit strange that.

Anyone got any ideas?
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