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Arozzi customer service

Discussion in 'Gaming Chairs' started by Confused Stu, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Confused Stu


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    I bought an Arozzi Monza chair in December 2015, and have loved it since I got it. It's very comfortable and (to my eyes) looks really nice. Between myself and my 19-year old youngest, it's had a LOT of use because if I'm not on the PC, he is, and beyond a quick wipe down a couple of times I've never really looked after it although it's also not been abused.

    Anyway, couple of weeks ago I noticed a piece of the faux leather had come away from the seat and fallen on the floor. It was about 2 inches by half an inch and the fabric underneath was intact so it hadn't affected the structural integrity of the chair - just looked pants with a cream bit showing through the red. I glued it back in place and tried to put it out of my mind. However, since then the 'leather' around it keeps lifting up or coming off and the hole is getting bigger despite my best efforts to seal the edges. There are other parts of the seat where the leather is looking worn and is cracking, so I started looking round for a new chair, even though the back/base/wheels are all perfectly serviceable.

    I noticed on Arozzi's website that they sell spares for these chairs, but the website only lists castors, bases, etc, nothing of actual seat parts. I thought it was worth an ask, so emailed them on Sunday to ask that as they sell replacement parts, is it possible to buy a new seat base for my chair. I figured if it wasn't too expensive, it would be cheaper than buying a whole new chair.

    I received an email first thing Monday to say they were sorry to hear about the leather flaking off, and even though it was outside the warranty period, they felt this is something that should be covered by the warranty. They asked for a couple of photos, which I sent to them last night when I got home, and got an email this morning with a tracking number and confirmed they were posting me a new seat base and a new pair of arms! :eek: :D

    I'm absolutely bowled over by their attitude. Was fully expecting a long wait before a basic "not our problem" or "not possible to buy parts" email, was certainly not expecting the response or promptness I got, and to offer a replacement when they didn't have to was brilliant! I know who I will be buying my next chair from when I need one.

    In their first email to me, they also gave a link to a handy site with a guide on how to preserve the leather on the new one which raised some points I'd never thought of - like the chair being in the sun all day: https://fauxleatherguide.com/how-to-prevent-faux-leather-from-cracking.html