Asus A8n32 Sli Deluxe question

24 Jun 2006
simple question
Will a BFG 8800GTS 640mb OC2 gfx cards fit on this mobo without any problem, ie conflict with the chipset cooler becasue i no that if u purchase a third part chipset cooler for the A8N Sli deluxe these cards cannot fit.

also i would like to know peoples thoughts on the mobo ( i no its a bit dated now but i dont have enough money yet to do a full sytem upgrade i just want to take my cpu, gfx and ram out of my current mobo and put it in this one if its any good that is)

so before i purchase one i wanted to know peoples thoughs and any issues that i may have
19 Feb 2006
West Mids
Will fit just fine, I have a GTX in that board.
You loose the PCI slot below it though obviously, leaving you with 2.

It's the best S939 board I have ever used though, the only bad thing I will say against it is the onboard sound is terrible, you can hear the HD's accessing through the speakers and any movents you do with the mouse you get a noise come through the speakers as well, least I do with mine.

Easily solved with a PCI soundcard though. I have a TV card and sound card in my 2 avaliable slots.

Long as you don't need more than 2 PCI slot's it's a great board, nice overclocker too.

Just a little edit
You say you just want to remove you CPU and GFX and Mem from your old board into this board. Unless your current board is playing up, is that not a waste of money and a sideways upgrade?
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