Asus P5VDC-MX RAID Problems

22 Apr 2006
I'm trying to set up a RAID 1 array on a P5VDC-MX , using the VIA VT8521 south bridge. It says in the manual that to set up a RAID array i need to press Tab during post to open the VIA RAID configuration utility. Well after many attempts it's quite clear that this utility just isn't here.
Presuming I can't get this utility to open, will i be able to install windows as usual and set up the RAID array once Windows is installed using utilities that are run from the OS? I have never setup a RAID array before, and I just want to make sure I can install windows now without removing the option to setup a RAID array.

Thanks a lot
13 Jul 2005
Norfolk, South Scotland
OK, on the proviso that I don't have one of these, but I have used lots of ASUS stuff with RAID and I have downloaded and read the manuals, the VIA manual is correct. What it omits to tell you is that before that "Press <TAB> key into user window" will appear, you have to enable the RAID controller in the BIOS.

So, use DEL to enter the BIOS as normal, and under [ADVANCED], [CHIPSET], [SOUTHBRIDGE] you will see [Serial ATA Controller] use the +/- keys to select [RAID]. When you BOOT next time, you should see the option to "Press <TAB> key into user window", at which point you can follow the instructions in the VIA manual.

On some ASUS boards, when you select RAID in the [Serial ATA Controller Menu] you will be presented with a list of ports to allocate to the RAID drives. If this happens, set the ones you have your drives plugged into to [Enabled].

I think that's most of the Gotcha's, but if you any more trouble, ask.
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