ASUS X570 BIOS Feedback

30 Jun 2013
Does anybody know how to provide feedback to ASUS about a BIOS for their motherboard - like a specific channel be it twitter, page or somebody direct?

I have a X570 Gaming E and the latest 2816 BIOS. There are some weird things happening with my M.2 Fan Header and settings in the BIOS.
I have a Noctua NF-F12 on the M.2 Fan Header, as that's the only one it can reach and yes another is on the CHA2 or 3 whichever is closer it it.

Whenever I turn on my PC, so power on mains, press power button; before it gets to Windows, the M.2 fan turns off - completely. The only way to get it back to spin is to restart the whole PC.
Happens every time the whole PC is powered down, mains off.
I noticed it after upgrading to BIOS 2816.

Also, when you're in the BIOS and editting the M.2 fan via Q-Fan or F6 key. Make changes to the fan curve/graph, exit it and go manually to the M.2 fan "settings" and the lowest temp point will default to 60.

Absolutely strange. The fan graph issue is minor but the powering down fan every boot is annoying as hell.
Also funny as it seems like a copy and paste error when editting the BIOS code
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