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ATI Graphics, NVIDIA Chipset?

18 Mar 2006
Morning chaps!

Going to do a move to a Connect3D X1950 XT but im a tad concerned as i own a BFG NVIDIA 680i SLi Motherboard, will i face any issues at all.

Not so long ago i moved from an AMD/NVIDIA SLi Motherboard with an ATI Radeon X850 XT PE Card and had loads of issues random lockups, crashes etc...
Man of Honour
22 Jun 2006
As a rule there are no compatibility issues between nvidia chipsets and ati graphics and vice versa (it is a config that A LOT of people have with a pretty large scope of different mobos and GPUs).

If you have lockups and crashes I'd look at the PSU and memory well before I would consider that.
24 Dec 2004
Knowle, Solihull, UK
Shouldn't be a problem - I've run ATI cards on nVidia chipsets countless times without any issues (most recently an X550 on an nForce 4 Ultra and an X1900XT on an nForce 570 SLI)

Having said that though, if you can stretch to it get the 8800GTS over the X1950. If you're running Vista then perhaps wait a bit as the nVidia Vista drivers aren't as good as the ATI ones at the moment (but this will change!)
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