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ati's ccc can you explain the overdrive to me

25 Feb 2004
just installed a power color x1900 xtx and when i go into the overdrive section its says my vpu clock is 500 mhz with requested at 648 and the memory is 594 with a request of 774 does this mean that these clocks are set at this permantly baring in mind its supposed to be at the requested speeds or do they rise to the requested speeds when required, sorry if this is a noob question but i just upgraded from a 7800 gtx so new to the ccc
also my card is listed as unknown in the device manager is this a driver problem i am using official 6.3's as i intend to put the oblivion chuck patch on or does it need the latest m/b bios

edit. none of the help files work but after a lot of searching i now realise that the 500 mhz is for 2d and the 648 is for 3d but obviously the device manager is not a common problem so it must just be me :) sorry to bother you guys
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