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Automounting usb partitions

Discussion in 'Linux & Open Source' started by englishpremier, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. englishpremier


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    Can anyone guide through auto-mounting usb partitions on a Raspberry Pi running Rasbpian Stretch?

    The behaviour that I want to be able to plug in any random usb formatted in ntfs, vfat, exfat, HFS, and have it mount automatically using the partition label as a mount point etc. /media/music as oppose to /media/sda4

    fstab rules are no good as in this regard. I have had a look at pmount which will allow me to manually mount the drives provided I know their location, and will use the label as a mount point provided I know before hand what the partition label is.

    so far I have not come across any good resources on this. Odd as I would have have though that is something most people would want to be able to do, and something that is done so easily on a desktop GUI.

  2. npinn001


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    I've not found anything in my time to do this. Tends to work best when mounting known drives. It would be a good feature to have.
  3. arfoll

    Wise Guy

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    Check udisks2 conf options? Surprised this isn't available there by default tbh but I'm not a big user