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Backing up a running virtual machine (vmware)

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by MossyUK, 1 May 2006.

  1. MossyUK

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    Is this even possible? If I were to put two VMs running on one box into a 'production' environment, would I be able to back them up every night without shutting them down? They would need to be 24x7 servers really, so if i cant back them up, i cant use VM! :(

  2. Rudeboy

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    Isn't there a snapshot feature?

    I wouldn't want to try a manual backup as this is like an open database. If there's nothing built in then a quick shutdown's probably recommended.
  3. Lucifurr


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    Isn't possible to just just backup up the VM as though it were a real machine, rather than trying to backup the Virtual Hard disk as a file of the host system.

    We use Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R1 and Veritas and that does havoc with our VMs. If you backup the Virtual Hard disk file when *** VM is running, the file seems to expand like there is no tomorrow. You end up have to compact the Virtual Hrad disk to get it down to size.