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Backup software for Windows 10

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by washo, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. washo


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    I am looking for a decent backup software solution that will create a copy of my PC files to a separate SSD. Ideally this will be real-time backup (continuous data protection) but not essential. I have a number of internal disks and lots of storage space, files include 500GB of photos, so not huge.

    I appreciate Windows 10 includes Backup and Restore, but the software needs to be able to restore individual files. I see Storage Spaces is included with Win10 but I have not used this before so not sure if this is any good?

    Ideally as cheap as possible for a home user but I don't mind paying for decent software that won't slow down the PC too much.

    If anyone has any experience, I'd love to hear your thoughts, pros and cons.

    Appreciate any input.
  2. Puppetmaster


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    Looked into using File History?
  3. UnworthyBean

    Wise Guy

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    I've always recommended SyncBack, Although there is a paid version, the free version is probably more than enough.

    Worth having a look to see if it does what you want.
  4. b00merang69

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    Storage Spaces is basically Software Raid, for making pools of drives if your running out of pace.


    To backup an image/clone or backup file and folders : AOMEI Backupper (Free version)

    AOMEI Backupper Standard is a free backup software designed for Windows PC. You can protect all data on computer via system backup, file backup, file sync, etc. As disaster recovery solution, this software will help you restore Windows and files after disaster ASAP. It is also free disk cloning software for upgrading HDD to SSD. All operations can be done with no technical skills or knowledge required.

    • Backup system and files to protect your Windows
    • Clone your hard drive to another HDD or SSD (only MBR disk to MBR disk, or GPT disk to GPT disk while cloning system hard disk); clone data partition from one disk to another
    • Incremental/Differential Backup and schedule backup files and system
    • Sync files from one location to another on a regular basis; real-time sync files
    • NEW: Event-trigger backup and sync files: run backup tasks automatically when user logon, user logoff, system startup, or system shutdown occurs.
    • Backup or sync files to external drive, USB flash drive, SD card, NAS, network share, mapped network drive, etc.

  5. bledd


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    Veeam Endpoint

    It's free and awesome.