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18 Oct 2002
I have a E4500 in a Asus P5QL-E mobo & have just bought 2x 2gb sticks of Geli Black dragon PC2-8500 ram as an upgrade from 2gb of other pc2-8500 ram i was using. Im running Vista & in the Control pannel/performance informations tools the Memory operations per second has gone from 5.9 down to 4.8. In CPU-Z on the speed tab Max Bandwidth it says "PC2-6400 (400 Mhz)" Bios is at default but should the ram run at the correct speed straight away or is there a setting in Bios im supposed to change to make it run at 1066 Mhz without doing any sort of over clocking?
I do want to overclock but it looks to me that the ram isnt running at the right speed even before i start to with overclocking, not really much overclocking so any help much appreciated.

Having read another post, they says to manualy change the DRAM Frequency to DDR2-1066MHz, but in my Bios it only shows DDR2-800Mhz, if i change the FSB Frequency to 267 the DRAM Frequency changes to DDR2-1068MHz but then i am overclocking the cpu & CPU-Z shows the cpu speed as 2937Mhz up from its default 2200Mhz, is this right, you cant have the ram running at 1066MHz without overclocking the cpu?? Doesnt seem right to me?? And CPU-Z is still showing PC2-6400 MHz . . . :(
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