Beast Boxing Turbo

7 May 2006
London, Ealing


Beast Boxing Turbo is an artfully designed first-person boxing game where you punch a turkey in the face.

Free Demos and full version available for purchase at!

You're Char, a lowly human with a patchy monster costume and a dream of fighting in the Beast Boxing Leagues into which humans are forbidden to enter. A washed-up pig coach offers his help after you defeat him, and you set off on a quest for strength, fame, and respect for humans.

Develop a fighting rhythm between attack and defense, and don't give up hope if you can't beat these monsters on your first try. There's a host of skills to train, and new gear to acquire that can give you an edge in the ring. Build up your boxing skills to match your personal style, and beat the grand champion of the Ultra League to unlock NewGame Plus mode to reach a new level of challenge.

  • Fast-paced arcade gameplay and controls: Controls optimized for gamepad and keyboard that will let you deliver combos with quick straight punches, high-powered hooks and uppercuts.
  • Upgrade your skills to level 99: Six different skills to improve, all with huge level caps let you tune your character specifically to your fighting style.
  • 35+ Pieces of Unique Boxing Gear: What would a fantasy game be without armor? As you build up your fight winnings, spend it on useful character gear. Equip the right stuff for an opponent, and you can come out ahead in a tough matchup.
  • Fun Opponents: From Steve the Fitness Skeleton to Kamander the Snake Cyclops Sensei, these monsters are going to eat you for breakfast... until you can interrupt their devastating attacks to take their league titles!
  • NewGame Plus: If you manage to become the champ of all four leagues, restart the campaign and take on faster, stronger, and smarter opponents. Keep your upgrades and gear, though - you'll need it!

30 min Demo.

Multi-screen support
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