Best motherboard (and CPU) for noob overclocking. Must be AGP

6 Oct 2005
I'm intending to get either a cheap Opteron, an A64 3000, or if the mobo isn't too pricey I *might* stretch to a 3700. My budget is 'the cheaper the better, unless the performance difference is noticeable' ;) £170 tops, I reckon.

But I'm quite confused looking at the various AGP motherboards, as to which is the best.

I'm no too fussed about future expansion - I reckon the next upgrade will be a 'ebay old kit / start from scratch' approach to prepare fully for Vista / DX10.

I need room on the mobo for my X800 + VGA Silencer 5 v2, and my sound card - so I think any of the micro ATX options can be ruled out.

I'm not an experienced overclocker, but I'm up for a bit of BIOS twiddling. Nothing that involves soldering or such arcane arts though!

Any thoughts?
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