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Best RAM for X390 Aorus Masterand i9-9900K

Discussion in 'Memory' started by JoeBloggs199136, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. JoeBloggs199136


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    I am currently deciding between going AMD or Intel for my next system and I am putting together a list of parts for both possible systems. If I went Intel I would probably go for an i9-9900K and an Aorus Master, as these have both been recommended, but I have no clue what RAM to get. I have seen the Patriot Viper Steel 4400Mhz get good reviews; it has low CAS timings of 19-19-19-39 and is pretty cheap at £128.99 when compared to other similar RAM kits - the next-cheapest here is £248.99. Would the Patriot Viper Steel 4400Mhz kit be compatible with my i9-9900K and Aorus Master though? I've checked the QVL for the Aorus Master and the Viper kit isn't listed. I know the QVL list isn't exhaustive, so is there still a good chance it would work? As you can probably tell I'm quite noobish about these things.

  2. orbitalwalsh


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    fancy keeping it aorus then . £109 for 2x8gb - can get 2 sticks of fake ddr for lighting as well. Simple select on mobo Bios can hit 3700hz overclock without any tweaking.


    if not, viper at 4000hz - all down to CPU memory controller. The board is set up like a rock with 8 layer PCB but its still CPU that determines max ram speed and CPU overclock can effect it too. Why Ram records are set with low clock speeds for intel.

    dont pay to much attention to QVL list

    Shame 4000hz kit has sold out :(
  3. The Old School Gamer


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    Buildzoid gave them his seal of approval.

    [EDIT] Picked up a 4000 kit for £85.

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