Best value 17" TFT

21 Apr 2004
I currently have a 2005WFP as my main monitor and a crappy 17" TFT next door to it. The crappy 17" is on it's way out and it looks crap anyway next to the Dell.

So I've decided now we would be an ideal time to get two better 17" monitors either side of my main.

Now, obviously I don't want to spend loads on them. I don't need them to be amazing screens as they'll only be used as aux monitors, for websites, coding, outlook etc. The Dell is the main screen for design, games and DVDs. But at the same time, I don't want a cheapo Yugoslavian brand. ;) Oh and preferably in black.

What monitor is the best bang for buck? No need to link, just names will suffice.

Thanks a lot. :)
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