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Best way to get SIM data in america

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by The Craig, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. The Craig


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  2. MartinPrince


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    I have a 3 SIM and did a road trip through Vegas, Grand Canyon, LA, San Francisco, Yosemite, Death Valley back to Vegas. Then last year did one round the coast of Florida, starting from Disney Land down to the Florida keys and back up through the Everglades and Tampa. Also used it to drive from Connecticut to Washington D.C and from Connecticut to Niagara Falls

    My 3 SIM data worked brilliantly everywhere (even driving through Yosemite and Death Valley) BUT the key to that is not to let it auto connect. You have to manually connect to the AT&T network. Once it's on there than I had no issues. Whereas when I initially let it auto connect then I got drop outs.

    I've been to the States every year for the past seven years. I've done the AT&T SIM and it works fine but it worked no better than my 3 SIM, except it cost $50 as opposed to my 3 SIM only contract which costs £8/month. (Unlimited calls&txt, 4GB data)

    3 used to do an Advanced plan (which I'm on) and the Essentials plan. I think they only have the Advanced plan now which gives better roaming. The benefit of the AT&T SIM is that you can call US numbers cheaply while out there and they can call you. The benefit of the 3 SIM is that you can call back to the UK freely and friends and family back in the UK can call you normally as it's classed as calling a UK number even though you're in the States.