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8 Aug 2007
Alpenföhn Alpine Touch Fan Controller @ £27.98 inc VAT


Alpenföhn is known for its excellent cooling solutions in the CPU and graphics card area. An expansion of hardware in the range sees the Alpine Touch Fan Controller take to the market with a feature packed offering.

With the new Alpine touch to control your fan conveniently and easily via the touch panel of the fan control. The control for the 5.25-inch bay is equipped with a large display, which is bordered by black anodized CNC machined aluminum. The fan menu can be selected via touch-control between voltage and speed.

The control offers a rubberized surface, similar to the WingBoost fans from the same manufacturer. The fans can be controlled either manually or automatically. to be a total of six temperature sensors, one for each fan at. These are provided with a 50 cm long cable. The fan cables are also about 50 inches long.

A total of six fans via the corresponding 3-pin can be connected and controlled. In addition, six temperature sensors are included, which placed anywhere an individual permit monitoring of the heat in order to control the cooling effect directly.

The fan speed can be controlled in 10 percent increments, so vary the associated WingBoost fan (also compatible with other 3-pin fans) at 10 rev / min increments. The display shows next to the current regulation stage to the rotational speed of the fan. It can even turn off the backlight when necessary. Power is provided via 4-pin Molex from the PSU. The display is clear and shows the same speed from the fan and the measured temperature of the associated sensor.

Technical details:

• Dimensions: 148.5 x 42 x 79 mm (W x H x D)
• Slot: 1x 5.25
• Material: Aluminum / Plastic
• Color: Black
• Display: 118 x 31.2 mm (W x H)
• Fan connectors: 6x 3-pin
• Capacity: 15 W
• Temperature sensors: 6x
• Power supply: 4-pin Molex
• Features:
• Deactivated lighting
• Display of speed (6x) and temperature (6x) degrees Celsius / Fahrenheit
• Touch Screen

Was £38.99 Inc. VAT

Only £27.98 inc VAT.


£11.01 SAVING

Alpenföhn Matterhorn CPU Cooler Rev. B (Socket Intel LGA775/1155/1156/1366/AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1) @ £43.99 inc VAT


Alpenföhn enters the next level and presents the „Matterhorn Rev.B".The brand new 120mm tower cooler. Highest manufacturing quality, noble black-polished finish as well as multiple features make this cooler the best solution for any application. The special trapezoid shaped fins that are placed in a 180° rythm creating two essential advantages: Narrow Fin pitch in the center of the heatsink; This feature increases the thermal surface and ensures a higher heat dissipation. Wide fin pitch at air inlet area; by having a wide fin pitch at the air inlet area the Alpenföhn „Matterhorn" can be run with very low fan speed as the airflow faces less resistance. Despite that the "Matterhorn" cooler has closed sides. This helps guiding the air through the narrow fin area and offers better mechanical stability

Heatsink Spec:
- Size: 138x098x157mm
- Weight: 770gr(ohne Lüfter)

Fan Spec:
- Size: 120x120x25mm
- Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
- Fan Speed(@12VDC): 1500 rpm
- Airflow: 108 m³/h
- Bearing: HD-Bearing(Hydraulic Bearing)

Was £54.98 Inc. VAT

Only £43.99 inc VAT.


£10.99 SAVING

Alpenföhn -Wasser- All-In-One Watercooling Solution (Socket 775/1155/1156/1366/2011/AMD AM2/AM3/AM3+/FM1) @ £55.99 inc VAT


Alpenföhn -Wasser-

No matter if overclocking or installation in compact cases…
With –Wasser- Alpenfoehn offers a high performance AIO liquid cooling system for any application.

The system is prefilled and with no need for maintenance.
In comparison to previously available All-in-One Systems –Wasser- uses the latest Gen.4 copper cold plate which conducts the heat of the CPU more efficient to the liquid cooling circuit of the system


• latest Gen.4 copper cold plate for maximum cooling efficiency.
• soft bending tube system for maximized flexibility
• low profile pump for the best liquid circulation

120mm WB-Pure fan:
Thanks to the WingBoost Technology and Hydraulic bearing the 120mm Pure Version of the Wing Boost fan offers a great balance between highest cooling capacity and lowest noise.

The wing boost fan is equipped with a "plus-function".
That means that a Y split cable has been attached to the PWM connector for a
second fan. Thanks to this split cable it is possible to control additional PWM fan
with the same PWM connector on the motherboard instead of using a cable adapter
or a 3pin connection.

Size of radiator incl. fan: 151mm x 120mm x 52mm

Size of radiator: 151mm x 120mm x 27mm

Size of fan: 120mm x 120mm x 25mm

Fan speed (0%-100% duty cycle): 500 - 1500 rpm

Airflow at max. speed: 100,55 m³/h

Auto restart of the fan: Yes

PWM Fan Function: Yes

Noise (0%-100% duty cycle): 8 - 24,8 db(A)

Tube length: 300mm

Height of the pump: 27mm

Was £64.99 Inc. VAT

Only £55.99 inc VAT.


£9.00 SAVING

Alpenföhn Civetta CPU Cooler (Socket LGA775/1156/1155/AM2/AM2(+)/AM3/FM1) @ £12.98 inc VAT


Small size, low cost and best compatibility. These had been the three main attentions in developing the new multi-socket tower cooler Civetta.The heatsink is based on the award winning HDC architecture. By using this technology the heat coming from the CPU will be directly transfered through the heatpipes to the aluminium fins. This results in a better performance especially for compact sized coolers.
Furthermore Alpenföhn designed closed front faces. This leads to more stability as well as creating a "wind tunnel" to direct the airflow through the fin package. The fan used has a 4-PIN header to be controlled by the mainboard. This ensures best possible speed control from 800 to 2.800 rpm generating a minimum noise of 16.7 dB(A) and a maximum airflow of 85 m³/h (50 cfm).

- H.D.C (heatpipe direct contact) technology
- 3 pcs high performance heatpipe
- 92mm PWM fan
- Multi-socket tower (Intel/AMD)
- Light wight
- Cooler Size: 105x78x129mm
- Fan Size 92x92x25mm
- Fan Noise: 22.9 dBA
- Airflow: 85,67 m³/h

Was £15.98 Inc. VAT

Only £12.98 inc VAT.


£3.00 SAVING
14 Dec 2005
armoy, n. ireland
Thats an incredibly good price on the k2, not being biased as i own one. But i think it's the best looking out of the big dual tower coolers. Imagine if they made it in a black anodised finish. Id be all over it like a rash.

The fan controller looks nice too, but im curious as to the wattage rating. Is that 15w overall or per channel?
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