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BIOS Profile for ASUS Strix Z390-F with 8086K 5Ghz (Also how to recover from a bad BIOS update)

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by farybagj, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. farybagj


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    Hey OC,
    I've bought a system recently (see below) and one of the first thing I did to try and update the BIOS as it was slightly out of date... And of course beginners luck the BIOS failed to update. (No not a power cut I have a UPS and I wasnt doing anything while it was doing the update...) After the reboot black screen and not even a video signal...

    After a couple of hours I managed to update the BIOS again (see details below) however Ive lost ALL of my overclock settings which were set by overclockers.co.uk during the build!
    Could you please share the ASUS BIOS profile which was used by you guys for the build?
    I did managed to do some overclocking but it would be great if I get a baseline from OC as I trust you guys a lot more than myself...
    Thanks a lot in advance!

    The system main components are the following:
    ASUS Strix Z390-F
    Intel i7 8086K (5Ghz OCUK overclocked)
    HS-044-AS Asetek Premium Retention Kit Intel LGA115X
    HS-047-AS Asetek 240mm 570LX Thick Radiator
    Seasonic Focus Plus 850W 80 Plus Gold
    (I hope this much would be enough)

    I tried a number of things but at the end this is how I managed to bring my system back to life:
    1. my build do not have a DVD drive so I had to do a USB stick based recovery. If you do have a DVD drive you can just try using the the ASUS motherboard recovery DVD instead.
    2. first of you need a second computer (ideally with a dvd drive)
    3. put the latest firmware on a memory stick on the root (FAT32 formatted single partition and it doesnt need to be empty!)
    4. and renamed the update file to SZ390F.CAP (if you have a different motherboard check your ASUS motherboard dvd and find the .CAP file on the root You should rename it like that) [THIS step might not be needed I did it anyway just in case]
    5. Turned the system off. And I mean properly off! Power supply switch off and power cable unplugged. Without this the BIOS was not picking up my USB stick (fast boot maybe?)
    6. Then plugin the USB stick on the back of the dead machine
    7. Then turn it back on again.
    8. This way the BIOS will pick up the .CAP file from the USB stick and it bring you to the firmware update part of the BIOS...
    9. Do the update (again) and hopefully this time it all goes well...
    10. Remove the USB drive and reboot.
    11. Hopefully for the best that this time all goes well.
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