BIOSTAR M7TDB strange memory issue.??

8 Mar 2004
I've built a n ew pc for my dad consisting of a Biostar M7TDB motherboard and was wanting to put 3x512MB PC133 sticks in it.

It will post with 1.5GB in but wont go into windows.
It will go into windows with 512MB only.

Ive memtested each stick of ram individually and they all passed fine.

I found this on the crucial site...
DIMM3 and DIMM4 sockets share the same address rows. Only one double-sided module may be used in either socket. If both sockets are filled, modules must be single-sided.

And the motherboard manual says the same.

I've tried a number of different configurations and none allow me into windows.

can anyone suggest anything please.?
Im going to go look for a new bios see if that resolves it.
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