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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dowie, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. Nitefly

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    There is a YouTube video entitled "You know what's BS?! The word bimonthly" dealing with the point, albeit monthly, that is quite enjoyable... swearing though :)
  2. [FnG]magnolia


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    If your audience is likely to be confused then I suggest you use words which are not ambiguous, like "one eighth monthly" or "the output of 14 multiplied by one day".
  3. Hades


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    Once every two weeks.
  4. Zeb67


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    Yes, I made that mistake once, and have learned to be 'very' precise with times and dates since !
  5. chorse


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    This a massive annoyance of mine. The sad truth is that the term ambiguous and needs to be confirmed every bloody time. Maybe it mostly means one or the other, but it's not certain enough to not double check.

    Therefore I avoid the term completely myself, to not add to the confusion.
  6. randomshenans


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  7. Robert


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    I use this to mean once every two weeks.
  8. dl8860


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    Actually it's not for annually.

    https://www.grammar.com/biannual_vs... means twice a year,happens two times a year.

    Biannual = twice a week
    Biennial = once every 2 years.

    This suggests we should use biweekly to mean twice a week, and I reckon fortnightly works well for one every two weeks.

    Problem solved?
  9. Freakbro


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    That is true, but they are different words. Biannual does suffer from the same confusion as weekly/monthly, I guess because there is another word, biennial, then the common usage for biannual is taken as twice a year?

    Even though MW mention here that it can still be used either way


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  10. Raz


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    Is bi-annual once every two years?:p
  11. LeMson


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    Twice a week, if it was once every two weeks that's fortnightly
  12. Yas786


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    Came into thread expecting bi sexual naughtiness....left thread disappointed :/.
  13. Bouton Aide


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    Some people are bi-weekly then straight the next. They just can’t make their mind up.
  14. Terminal_Boy


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    That word is met with blank looks from non-native English speakers. Even some Septics don’t get it.
  15. Ryan-3


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    Once a fortnight/every two weeks and twice a week. Sorted. :p
  16. Dis86


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  17. Russinating


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    What on earth is a Septic?
  18. Tuppy_Glossop


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    An American.
  19. haaammit


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    An American - septic tank
  20. [FnG]magnolia


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